Black Friday

Here at Sisters Boutique we will not be taking part in the crazy American promotion of Black Friday. It is after all an event in the USA where people buy elecrical items at reduced prices. Why then its turned into an excuse for every retailer and brand to go on sale is beyond us. In the UK clothing brands and shops are doing this for one reason only, to make money out of the public by fooling them into believing they are getting deals on clothing that already has been priced so it can be discounted to look like a bargain.

We have always had true sales, we dont go on sale every five minutes and discount styles that have been in the shop for a few weeks. Its not fair that our customers pay for a dress to then see a friend buy it discounted a few weeks later. That is not on and having had this experience before I always make sure I never reduce any stocks that are new to the boutiques. We truly believe if this country had two strict sales periods per year, the High Street would flourish and it would help businesses grow. Instead buyers from the big stores continually on sale, price stocks so they can later reduce and still make the same margin albeit while fooling the public.

Lets face it, no shop owner wants to sell something cheaper than the retail price, I know I dont, however the law of averages is that you will always have one or two sizes or styles that you cannot move and in that case they get moved into our stock rooms where we then reduce them at Sale periods.  The internet has brought along a mass of clearance deals and discounted fashion however I can guarantee you anything we reduce is being reduced and sold because I have one or two left or I made a massive boob on ordering ( yes - I sometimes do!!)  That brings us to Black Friday and we have decided to post some stocks on our facebook clearance group that day so the Sisterhood can join in the fun. The clearance group was set up this year for people who couldnt get into the shop to get a bargain when our sale was on and we figured as people now seem to expect Black Friday to happen then we will pop some deals that would normally be in the January sale on there for our customers to see and grab a bargain. Follow the link to request access to the exclusive group and who knows you may get a bargain. Oh and remember to wear Black.

Posted by Lauren