Taking one for the team

Taking one for the team

Being known for being up for a laugh and happy to raise money for charity, I was not surprised when I was nomitated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Initially I thought, "Oh no, I can't be bothered" however, after a few seconds, my mind went to the laugh it would give my team, letting them soak me and then I figured if they get to see it why not all the customers too?  So there it was, decision made, my challenge would happen at the shop the following day.

Anyone who shops with us knows that we are not the average boutique. Anything goes, and usually I have to be the guinea pig. I'd never ask anyone to do something I wouldnt do myself,so, on that note, I left it up to the wonderful Sophia, (our store manger) to organise the buckets. And organise she did. I think there were about 10 or 12.  S ome had ice cubes floating in them, some had ice cubes already melted in them, and some were fresh out of the freezers from Greggs The Bakers opposite. What I can tell you is all of them were cold. Very cold.

I decided that as a business owner in the town, there was no point in nominating friends as alot had already completed the challenge, so I opted for businesses to do it so we could encourage the town centre to raise money for amazing charities. My first nomination is Alastair Mitchell from Falkirk Delivers our Town Centre Management Team. Alastair is a good guy who loves the town and will do anything to raise its profile so he was the first I thought of. Chris who owns Johnstones Bistro in Lint Riggs was the second nomination as he so eagerly supplied ice and buckets to my team to ensure my water was chilled! Don't say I am not generous back to you Chris.  My third nomination is a big one,  Falkirk Football Club.  I really hope all the players and staff get involved and raise money, and, being a Falkirk Bairn myself its only right I include my favourite club. #COYB. There is an amazing kids shop in town where I regularly shop and I decided to nominate Kimberley who owns Kicks For Kids as she too is passionate about charity donations and runs a great indie in the town centre. Lastly, to give a warm ( oh the irony!) welcome to a new business relocating into Falkirk Town Centre I nominated Fiona from Olivia Cameron Bridal. 

My chosen charity is Strathcarron Hospice  I have supported them since I saw the comfort my best friend got from their excellent care when her mum was living the last few days of her life there. Hospices do an amazing job and people like us in the fashion world have no idea what goes on in these places. Fashion can be seen as frivilous when you are dealing with terminally ill patients, but by regularly raising funds for them through our work and the way we can reach out to the community, we feel we can do our bit for them and try and offer some financial support whenever we can.

A few hours after my challenge I can safely say I am still a bit cold. Thankfully I can put on a jumper or turn up the heating, others can't, which is why I have taken one for the team today and donated to a charity to remind myself that I am actually a very lucky person to be able even to complete it.


Happy soaking sisterhood x



Posted by Lauren