Visiting the dentist for a haircut

Okay as weird as it sounds, would you ever go to the dentist for a haircut?   Probably not, so why, when you go for a haircut would you expect to buy clothes?  The real reason you see this is usually because the salon is not very good at the art of hairdressing  and need to supplement their income. Any decent salon never has a rail of frocks or a row of accessories as they are too busy concentrating on the career they chose and the one they excel at.  A  hairdresser takes years to train and they spend hours learning the health and safety aspects of their trade not to mention the on the job training and constant learning they have to keep up to date with.

No decent salon has the time to nip out to a  wholesaler to pick up stocks to sell in a corner of their shop.  That is also why in Sisters and Fergie you wont see a chair popping up in the corner where we offer a quick cut and blow dry. We are too busy making sure we are doing the career we chose - customer service in the fashion industry and all the benefits that brings to a customer who shops in an Indie. All our team are trained in customer services and every item we stock we can confidently assist you with regards to fit, alterations, additional styling, aftercare and a guarantee that should anything go wrong we are here to help. Our staff attend regular training sessions with the brands we carry and we have chosen the retail life so we excel at what we do and it shows in our shops and the awards we are continually nominated for.

I've lost count of the amount of times I see these "boutiques" pop up, and pop up is what they do, pop up for a while, realise its harder than it looks and then sell everything off for a loss, while the salon up the road invests its time and energy in hair and all that surrounds it. In the meantime the challenge for the real boutiques is these places really believe that they are fashion buyers and are now experts in fashion clothing as well as hair fashion. The saying Jack of all trades, Master of none is never more relevent however its nice to know we are one trick ponies. We buy fashion we sell fashion and we are fashion. Anyways need to go, the shops busy with my regular salon owners who pop in on a Monday as it's their day off and they arent at the wholesalers looking for a way to top up their salons poor footfall.


Happy Shopping Sisterhood x

Posted by Lauren